Corder Associates eProcurement Solutions help your organization connect corporate users and buyers directly to the source. While other applications are limited to Web and software applications, Corder integrates automated replenishment cabinets that physically manage inventories to optimum performance.

Eliminate time-consuming processes that drain corporate resources using affordable Corder eProcurement Solutions. Corder implements collaborative procurement solutions that link the supply chain and reduce total procurement cost.

With Corder eProcurement, you can:

  • Leverage and integrate your business processes to the Internet;
  • Elevate the procurement process to a more strategic role;
  • Create closer and more strategic supplier relationships;
  • Shrink your supply chain;
  • Eliminate high inventory levels;
  • Perform valuable strategic sourcing activity;
  • Negotiate improved total procurement cost models;
  • Monitor delivery, compliance, and fulfillment;
  • Streamline your procurement activity to a best-in-class environment.

Corder eProcurement Services offer an a la carte solution.

  • Capture, organize, and assess MRO supply inventories.
  • Publish procurement catalogs that link to your preferred suppliers.
  • Implement automated replenishment systems that reduce inventory and leverage purchase power.
  • Configure automated payment solutions.
  • Train personnel for do-it-yourself procurement management or Corder Co-Management.
  • Sleuth out newly formed Web exchanges where the spending power can be leveraged for improved pricing.
  • Audit supplier pricing and performances.